What's the key to building great business-to-business (B2B) relationships more quickly? Think like a lizard. Chances are, you’ve heard of the "lizard brain"—the primitive center of your consciousness that dictates your most ancient behavioral traits. While the term "lizard brain" may not be entirely accurate, a small packet of nervous tissue dictates our most instinctual and survivalistic behaviors, and it’s the best part of the brain to engage when creating and building relationships.

Using the six stimuli of the reptile brain illustrated below, salespeople and marketers can engage in a way that entices a fast response—and still gives you the trust-building rapport to help bring you closer to your prospects and clients to help them grow.


Source: SalesBrain.com


Use Video

Three out of the six stimuli for the lizard brain are visual and visceral—our optic nerve picks up signals and gets them to and from the brain almost 60 times faster than the auditory nerve. What does this mean? Use video. Faces and positive emotions (a.k.a., smiling) will tend to reflect onto your client or prospect, especially if he or she can see your face.

Video is having a moment—according to HubSpot, only 26 percent of salespeople are using video in their outreach efforts, which means there is a ton of opportunity for those who know how to use video in their relationship-building. Consider this next time you have a status update scheduled—instead of merely shooting an email over, try sending a video breakdown with your own mug on camera to endear your positive emotional context to the end user—your clientele.

Pro Tip: Check out our friends over at Vidyard or Wistia for some free video-prospecting tools!



One of the more obvious traits of the lizard brain is the ever-present "what’s in it for me" survival trait. This is an opportunity for modern sellers, marketers and service professionals to create a lot of great relationship opportunities in 2019. Wether you’re a digital marketer or an outsides sales rep, your role in the buyer’s journey is predicated on what you can give to the customer. How can you solve their challenge, educate, entertain and connect to open an opportunity for business?

Just use the most primitive part of the brain to create as much trust and value as possible—give them something relevant. It helps if what you give them brings them closer to solving their particular issue—an ebook, a blog, a report, a social account or software they could check out. Creating great relationships start with trust, and giving first (without expectation) fires up the lizard brain to connect and engage.



In 2019, the internet has changed the rules for a lot of businesses, and that has a profound effect on our culture. This creates opportunities for personal connection, at scale. The emotional part of the reptilian brain fires when you can create a connection with someone that allows validation, inclusiveness, positive reinforcement and the like—sharing a common ground.

Another way is engaging the tangible and visual stimulus by telling a story—it's one of the quickest ways to create trust and build relationships. Listening and connecting with your client or prospects' personal traits and attributes can accelerate relationships efficiently.

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