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How to Drive Website Sales of Agricultural Products

Eric Sivertsen


While there's no exact science to selling your agricultural products online, there are plenty of ways to improve your odds of boosting your sales quotient. From making use of compelling website copy to managing your flow of traffic more efficiently to taking advantage of existing social platforms, you have options.

Here are four ways you can potentially drive up your ag website sales over time.

Focus on the benefit

Determine what's more evocative to you from a customer perspective - "Special Offer: 50% Off All Products" or "Get More Out of Your Crop Output This Season - You're Missing an Important Opportunity." One of these lines of copy focuses on features, the latter benefits. For website sales, visitors are much more likely to convert on copy that stirs an emotion rather than goes directly for the hard sell. According to the Journal of Marketing Research, brands evoke more emotional reactions in their marketing receive three times as positive much word of mouth as those that don't. Consider highlighting the key results and benefits offered by your products, versus specs and promos of the products themselves.

Highlight testimonials

What's more relatable to a farmer, grower or agronomist than seeing one of their own endorse a product's worthiness? If you have big company promoters among your core customer base, capitalize on their excitedness for your products and services by featuring them on your website in a testimonial capacity. Dimensional Research estimates that 90 percent of consumers who read product testimonials were positively influenced in their buying decision. Make your products and services more relatable by featuring someone who's actually out in the field offering an endorsement.

Don't compete with yourself

One of the biggest detriments of a retailer's e-commerce website is oversharing. Does your homepage need to highlight every product or even most of your products? Consider implementing some seasonality to your product promotions, and focus in on a singular item or series at a given time. Your homepage is your most heavily trafficked area, traditionally, so why usurp your own clickable authority by distracting your visitors with multiple offers simultaneously. Is it growing season? Is it equipment-buying season? You set the schedule - and stick to it.

Integrate visual aides

There's something about seeing a product in action (rather than just description) that can impel a likely sale. Make use of quality product photography and video (it's a worthwhile investment of time and money) and consider integrating existing platforms such as Instagram to feature your product in use, including visuals of the resulting benefits of using the product. Avoid cheesy infomercial-style footage, and position your agricultural products in their natural habitats, forging an emotional connection with the end user. According to Shopify, Instagram ranks highest among the major social platforms' ability to convert a retail lead to a customer, with an average $65 buy. Show off your stuff - it could pay off in the long run.

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