It's that time again—you have an upcoming campaign launch, but you need your bank or credit union leadership and your front-line sales crew to not only buy in, but also to live and breathe your strategy. So how do you effectively get your team on the right page before launch?

Here are some basic tips for uniting your financial institution's teams.

Involve Key Stakeholders

There's no better way to make your teams feel included than involving them in the planning and prep process. It's the best way to avoid making the leadership or the sales teams feel like marketing is doing something "to" them versus "with" them. Choose your timing wisely—there are some micro details that are best left to your bank or credit union's marketing team. But high-level, macro decision-making might benefit from a sales and executive angle.

Make it Trackable

Involving stakeholders means delineating your responsibilities. You're delegating, which means the process should be highly trackable. To reduce stress down the road, help to reduce possibility for miscommunication with a clear-cut process. Make sure you host a kick-off meeting in which any and all responsible parties are present and know to what they're beholden. If there is a breakdown in the process, your leadership in particular will appreciate the ability to trace it back to a problem and solve it for future rollouts.

Streamline Your Communication

Speaking of communication, set a standard for how you will keep in touch with one another during a planning process. Conversations that occur offline and face-to-face, in meetings, in phone calls, in messaging systems—try to keep the diversity of mediums to a minimum and agree to a method with a paper trail. If you opt for email, make sure all important items are communicated through email. This way, if you need to reference a previous communication, there's no doubt where to find it.

Set Clear, Measurable Goals

Goal-setting is crucial to the success of a project that is interdepartmental. You should not only set goals that are tied to a specific metric, but ensure that your sales and executive teams are involved in determining whether this goal is realistic and achievable. Insights from those holding the purse strings and those on the front lines of your bank or credit union's customer-facing branches can strengthen the credibility of your goals and set you up for success in the near- and long-term.

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