Show, don't tell—that's the mantra you should use when marketing your tangible products and services. And there's no better delivery system for this form of demonstration than video. It continues to be the most engagement-worthy content vehicle and the likeliest of lead converter—in fact, according to Animoto, 73 percent of consumers are more likely to engage, purchase or sign up after watching a branded explainer video.

So how do demo videos improve your sales? Let's unpack this.

Industry Matters

When it comes to the effectiveness of demo or explainer video content, your industry can have an effect on what results to expect. That same study from Animoto found that those purchasing items such as consumer electronics were likeliest to demand video content to support their buying habits. Studies in the healthcare industry have also found branded YouTube content pertaining to medical advice can increase website traffic as much as 119 percent. Make sure you're positioning your video content in such a way that it appeals to consumer habits in your industry.

Style Points

There are certain formats of video content that consumers love best. And while not all of these apply directly to your brand's efforts on platforms like YouTube or Instagram, there's something to be said for mimicking what works. According to Vidyard, some of the most commonly shared and viewed content on YouTube are product review videos, how-to videos and vlogs. So take these formats into consideration when developing your brand's own unique content. Perhaps you could incentivize frequent customers to record a testimonial video about your product, or you could offer a product for free in exchange for an unboxing video. And what about behind the scenes of your business or organization—are there folks on your payroll who would excel on camera in a vlog-style setting? Pulling back the curtain can be a great way to intrigue viewers and impel a click-through.

Sales Assistance

Branded video content is more than just posting delightful, quippy, 30-second nuggets on your Instagram feed. Demo videos play a powerful role in the sales process, too. Arming your frontline sales and customer-service teams with engaging video content can be a strong selling proposition. Having videos in the can that respond to common customer questions or gripes can offer your sales staff something of purpose to pass along to an inquiring consumer at the drop of a hat. According to IMPACT, use of video during sales conversations has increased 25 to 37 percent since 2017.

On-Demand Creation

So what about highly specialized video content? Has your team investigated the opportunity to create useful content on the fly? Perhaps a customer inquiry dealt with navigating your online shopping cart process on your website. A detailed written explanation or screenshots are one thing—but imagine if your custom-service rep instead hopped on camera, PiP with his or her monitor, and walked through the exact problem at hand, recording and sending to the individual inquiring for posterity's sake? Demand Metric found in a study that one-to-one video content is one of the biggest opportunities in the business sector.

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