What makes your hospital or clinic extra stupendously special? We thought it would be a good idea to weigh in on some of the awesome ways you can promote your clinic's specialties—be they orthopedic or otherwise.

Here are four ways you can garner some more attention to your clinic specializations.

Video Content

When you can have the best, why not take advantage? Video is the champion of content—so make sure you're placing some effort in promoting what you specialize in via video platforms. It's critical to supplement your text-based and image-based advertising with video—and patient recruitment will follow. Try out short, digestible videos that are 30 seconds or less to engage your audience. And use it universally—on your website on corresponding pages and on your social platforms as organic posts and remarketing efforts. (Even your waiting rooms might benefit from some great-looking video content!)

Show page visitors and clinic visitors alike what you do—and make it understandable and shareable.

Paid Search

Your patients are searching for answers—and their first stop is Google. That's why paid search campaigns can be a powerful tool for promoting your hospital or clinic specializations. In fact, according to Gallup, 1 in 20 Google searches is health-related. Engage with AdWords and seek out longtail keywords and phrases that speak to your specific clinical specialization—answer for questions such as "how to diagnose arm pain" or "best clinic for pediatric care" to reach potential patients at the most convenient time to set an appointment.

Meet leads where they're at, and you'll catch them when they're likeliest to take action.

Blog Content

Your blog isn't just a safe haven for promoting your new clinic hires or your latest awards and honors from healthcare nonprofits and other voting bodies. It's a powerful tool to promote what you value most—your quality of care. Use your blog to help answer these same questions that potential patients are asking in search queries. Speak their language and help to fix problems they're seeking out. Keep this space patient-focused and offer valuable information that a potential future customer might expect of you as a subject-matter expert in your clinic's specialties.

The less self-serving you can be in your blog content, the better!

Email Automation

Once you have a potential patient lead, you've only solved half the battle. Continuous conversation and messaging to said leads is critical to securing an ongoing patient relationship (or even that first appointment being set). Since you keep busy, email automation will be your friend. Spread the word about your valuable written and video content, and remind your leads why they engaged with you in the first place—don't send bulk emails with standardized messaging. Personalize your content based on what you know about your leads. Set automated appointment reminders for annual checkups, send worthwhile content based on actions users take on your website—anything goes.

The key is finding the right frequency and quality of information. Your ongoing results will tell you what to do.

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