It’s sometimes hard to imagine that you once had to look through the classifieds or go door to door with a stack of résumés in hopes of picking up that next big job. Lucky for business owners, there is a whole gambit of online options to not only help job-seekers land a gig, but also to help businesses hire the right person for the job.

Recruiting people online is all about finding quality candidates—social media is one of the best places to start. Here are some ways Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn can be an asset in this process.

Be Heard

One of the trickiest parts about social media is making sure your voice is heard when literally millions of people are talking. The trick here is to do it in the right places. Obviously, LinkedIn is going to be one of your best choices for employee recruitment, so ensure you're posting and engaging in conversations on this platform.

When someone is on the job hunt, you want your name to be in front of them often. Using hashtags is an excellent way to get your name out there, especially on Twitter. When you post about your job opening, consider using hashtags like #MarketingJobs or #NowHiring—or try out location-specific tags like #ChicagoJobSearch.

Leave No Stone unturned

It’s hard to find someone who isn’t on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. But the ideal new hire might be on a more niche network. Consider the job opening about which you're posting—think to yourself, “where are these types of candidates hanging out?”

Your next hire might be the person hanging out on forums, daily responding to questions and starting conversations. Plus, you can bet that someone who hangs out on a topic-specific forum or a niche social network dealing specifically with ties back to the job role you're trying to fill will be passionate about his or her career.

Promote Culture

When recruiting on social media, it's about more than just posting “now hiring, apply below.” You are looking for someone who really desires to work for your company—so make them excited at the prospect of coming to work every day.

As a part of any social strategy, highlighting your company in a fun and interesting way makes candidates want to know more about you. And for those looking for employment, this will put you at the top of their mental list. People really do like talking about where they work, and posts about a fun workplace with a unique culture are going to result in a lot of residual shares and likes. 

Use Your Assets

Nearly every company has a team member who is at least a semi-pro at social media. You should be encouraging your employees to share your hiring posts. If nothing else, it reflects well on your company when your employees are excited about growth and change.


Not all companies are the same—what might work for Company A might be a disaster for Company B. Make a strategy for what works best, and stick to it. The first time you try to hire someone on social media is going to be a bit tough, but each subsequent hire will become easier and easier. Over time, you may not even have to post about each and every opening, as you'll have a pool of people on file from previous hiring deep-dives.

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