Twitter can be tough for brands. You need to be concise, but you can’t rely solely on images. Users on Twitter are looking for the most funny, most insightful and most meaningful accounts to follow.

So how can you reinvigorate your Twitter strategy so that you measure up?

Platform-Unique Content

First things first—stop sharing Facebook posts on Twitter. Every platform is different, and we rarely recommend that our clients replicate their social posts on multiple platforms, if a marketing budget can swing it. If you don’t have the time to create unique content for multiple social media platforms, choose the ones that are the most important to you and your users and focus on those. If one of those is Twitter, create content that is specific to Twitter! Write tweets that are the right length, and share video clips and pictures that are formatted correctly for the platform.

Relevant Hashtags

Find your industry’s hashtag. Although some brands have an automatic advantage on Twitter (looking at you, puppy-clothing brands), most of us just have to spend some time finding our audience. Luckily, Twitter makes it easier than sitting around waiting for your niche. Find your industry hashtag! There’s no easy answer for this—just start searching likely terms, and see what comes up. For instance, in our industry, #marketing is a popular hashtag. But so is #marketingtips and #marketingautomation. Now we have even more options to use in order to reach the right people.

Trending Topics

Speaking of hashtags, get in with the cool kids and use trending hashtags. When you log into Twitter, you can check out trends relevant to you using the lefthand navigation. Trending hashtags are ones that are being used around the country and are likely not specifically related to your brand—but that doesn’t always matter. You can find potential customers who don’t know they’re in the market for your service or product. Compose a witty tweet, use the hashtag and join the party. Just make sure to investigate other tweets using the hashtag first to ensure you understand what it's really about.

Channel Influencers

When in doubt, follow the influencers. Twitter isn’t nearly as focused on celebrities as Instagram is. But you can find Twitter’s version of celebrities—sometimes traditional movie stars, often authors or television showrunners and a very few spectacular brands—who have a large amount of sway on the platform. These influencers can give you big insight into what will perform well and what won’t.

Posting Frequency 

But the biggest way to reinvigorate your brand’s presence on Twitter is simple—post more! Post anywhere from three times a week to four times a day. Posting more often, with content that is specifically designed for Twitter, will be the most impactful thing you can do. Not only will you be giving your followers more content and gaining new followers as you do, but you will also figure out the best strategy for your brand through trial and error.

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