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How to Select Bank or Credit Union Website Imagery That Clicks

Justin Smorawske


Is a picture worth a thousand words? Perhaps - at least when it comes to website imagery for your bank or credit union. Research group Brain Rules determined that, in day-to-day conversations, recollection of heard information is at about 10 percent after a three-day span. Meanwhile, visuals accompanying that information cause knowledge retention of as much as 65 percent in the same time period.

Here are a few considerations you should make when selecting imagery for your bank or credit union website.

Show Your People

Your first instinct when promoting a product might be to plaster pictures of that product all over your website - after all, if you're selling a credit card, you should show your credit card, no? Well, in short, no. Sure, your credit cards and checkbooks are probably pictures of perfection, but they don't make for particularly compelling imagery on your website. Try to avoid the tendency to present static visuals of your products - they're much more appealing when shown in active use (or in some cases, not at all). Depict the way in which your products and services benefit your customers, rather than what they look like.

Amp Up Social

Imagery that resonates doesn't just go for your primary bank or credit union website - your presences on social media need to be on the top of their game as well. According to a study from Buffer Social, for example, tweets that include images receive 150 percent more retweets. It's a widely accepted notion that social posts in general that feature compelling imagery impel a lot more engagement than those that are simply text-based. This means you need to select graphics that are attention-grabbing (just not in a negative way). Avoid cliched or tired subjects in your visuals - opt for unexpected or energetic ones.

Consider Infographics

One route you should absolutely consider in your FI website imagery is implementing infographics. They can be somewhat time-consuming to make depending on the detail level, but statistics show that they are highly effective. A recent study from Nielson Norman Group found that when tracking visual attention to a given webpage visitors are more apt to notice images versus text - and they're even more apt to pay closer attention to information-bearing imagery. Whether it's a full-on, full-length infographic on selecting a mortgage or one-off graphical interpretations with single pieces of information, consider infographics. 

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