Stop and think about a social media platform on which you think marketers should advertise. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram probably come to mind—maybe you thought of YouTube or LinkedIn—the usual suspects. But what about messenger apps such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger? The top four messaging apps right now have a larger combined user base than the top four social networks, according to Business Insider. Despite these applications’ huge popularity and global reach, a lot of these apps are underutilized in the marketing world.

Here are just some of the advantages of using messenger apps in your brand’s marketing.

Response & Timeliness

With chatbot technology getting better and better, using them in messaging apps can be a huge asset for your brand’s customer service. Chatbots are able to scan keywords and deliver pre-written messages instantly. Help your customers further on their buyer's journeys while making them feel valued. Chatbots through messenger apps also offer you the opportunity to deliver customer support 24/7. There’s no more waiting for store hours to start or having to resort to calling a help line. It’s easy communication on their time.

Research & Effectiveness

Gain valuable information by taking advantage of messenger apps’ offerings. Facebook Messenger gives you individual information for those clicking your ads. This can help you identify your business’s ideal personas and demographics. Help your company identify its core audiences through these apps. According to Mobile Monkey, the average open rate in Facebook Messenger marketing is 70-80 percent. That is a massive increase compared to the 25-30 percent open rate industry-standard for emails.

Brand Awareness

All marketing is meant to give your brand awareness, but through messenger apps you’ll be given the opportunity to emphasize the voice and tone of your company. Personify your brand with messages and ads targeting your customer base. Help spruce up your customer experience with your brand through innovative marketing and fun or conversational interactions.

These are just a few of the advantages of marketing in messenger apps. So far in 2019, 2.52 billion mobile phone users have used messaging apps to communicate. Be sure to utilize this huge market and improve your brand equity.

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