Snapchat is one of the most interesting platforms of which a college or university can make use. But how can you be successful with a platform that is mobile-only and on which your content disappears after it is viewed?

With more than 300 million monthly active users, 71 percent of whom are younger than 34, and those 25 and younger using it an average 40 minutes per day, it is well worth the time and effort to make an attempt.

Be in the Moment 

The first thing you need to know is that Snapchat isn’t meant to be perfect. This is ideal, because Snapchat is meant to be in the moment and offer followers a look at what is going on right now, in the present. This also makes sense when you realize that a Snap story only lasts 24 hours before it disappears. When you don’t have the time or humanpower to pull together a full-blown media strategy for a given event you need to cover for your college or university, Snapchat can be your on-the-fly best friend.

Engage Followers

Snapchat might not boast the big follower numbers that your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter accounts do, but the followers you do amass will tend to be highly engaged and offer great, real-time feedback. Use this to your advantage—offer your Snapchat followers specials that you only offer on this channel (i.e., swag, access to events, etc.). Create a story with a special code or offer given to those that watch it in its entirety.

Employ Influencers

Snapchat is moving toward influencer-based social interactions, as well. So find those students on your campus that know the platform well and feel comfortable creating content. Give them the opportunity to stage a takeover of your account. Watching a day in the life of a student in a given major is a fun way to get future students excited about a program via a first-hand viewing experience that cannot be matched.

Enhance Your Strategy

Don’t forget that Snapchat has a plethora of extra goodies that you can use to really jazz things up. Creating a geofilter is an excellent way to promote an event or area of campus. Making a custom SnapLens of your school’s mascot is a perfect promotional tool for major sporting events. And since Snapchat offers an ad platform, take advantage of this to get your most compelling content out to more potential followers. (Just don’t forget that you can link your snaps to a third-party destination, such as your website.)

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Source: Omnicore Agency