Brands with strong identities are winners.

Nike, Google and Apple all have clearly established, consistent identities that attract millions of people worldwide. Developing a strong identity launched these companies to the top and convinces their customers to loyally buy products and services. 

However, establishing a strong corporate identity can benefit more than your annual sales numbers. You can also use it to attract cream-of-the-crop talent into the fold. Let us explain.

Prospective Employees Care

Location, responsibilities and compensation matter to potential employees, but company identity plays a huge role in the decision-making process, as well. People want to work somewhere in which they feel intertwined with the culture.

Your identity should reflect the type of employees you want to join your organization.

For a great, applicable example of this, browse through this Business Insider article, and take a stab at what kind of employees you think work at Nike. (Or what you might be like after working for Nike for a few years.) Creating a strong corporate identity helps you become instantly recognizable and lets people know you’re going to be around a while.

Brand Advocates Matter

You know how you want your customers to transform into brand advocates? You should want your employees to become the same thing. Considering how much information can be shared about your company on sites like LinkedIn, GlassDoor or popular blogs, word can spread far and wide quickly. Build a culture that motivates your employees to brag on your behalf.

When your identity starts raking in new talent, and they take pride in where they work, before long they’ll start infecting other prospects with a desire to work for you. People won’t be mundanely filling out applications - they’ll be competing for a spot on your team.

Hire Reflectively

Lastly, but not least of all, don’t forget to put your corporate identity on display throughout your hiring process. If your recruiting and interviewing are drawn out, bland and overly complicated, it could send a message that your whole company operates in that manner.

Whenever you deliver information to the public, you’re revealing something about your culture. You need a strong identity, but also a consistent one that permeates throughout every facet of your organization. If you have an energetic and creative company, let that shine through in your recruiting process.

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