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How Your Faculty Can Help Market Your University

Eric Sivertsen


You may not know it, but your college's faculty members are some of your most valuable marketing resources. The faculty at your institution can have a tremendous impact on your university's reach and brand reputation—not to mention the obvious impacts their efforts can have on student retention, freshman applications and overall freshman yield.

Read on to learn how your faculty can help boost your college or university's marketing game.

Ask Them to Amplify

Colleges and universities each employ hundreds, if not thousands, of faculty members. That's a lot of people with a lot of influence. The easiest way to get faculty members to help market your institution is by asking them to follow your university's accounts on social media, then like and share the school's content. By sharing the content that is put out by your university, your faculty will effectively broadcast that content to a network of people that likely would not have seen it otherwise. This increased involvement and reach on your posts will be well worth the ask.

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Celebrate Their Work

You can learn just about anything on the web these days, but, surprisingly, it can be difficult for the citizens of the internet to find expert-created content. As an institution of higher learning, your university is uniquely situated in employing hundreds of experts across virtually every field of study. Better yet, these experts are actively pursuing their academic interests, generating interesting content and, sometimes, winning awards—all as part of their work. As a university marketer, you can broadcast and celebrate their work and achievements across all of your platforms. By distributing new and unique content, you'll increase your SEO in these individual areas of study. Did one of your civil-engineering professors earn an award as recognition for their work? Making a post about it will increase the odds that your school comes up when someone Googles "Civil Engineering School." Check out our blog The Guide to College or University Organic Content That Works for more organic content tips.

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Turn Them Into Promoters

For most businesses, the key to success relies on moving potential customers through the inbound process to convert them from strangers (people who know nothing about your institution) to promoters (people who fully support and actively promote your institution). While your faculty members aren't customers, they can be promoters—actively praising your institution and referring new students to it. So how do you turn your faculty into promoters? By making them feel valued, happy and heard. The more satisfied your professors are with their roles in your institution, the more likely they are to sing its praises outside of work.

Another way you can convert faculty members into promoters is by ensuring that they hear about all the great things your institution is doing. Universities are large, and communications are all too often projected outward without ever being sent around internally. Share your institution's strengths and successes with the members of your faculty, and they might just spread the word.

With a little effort, your institution can utilize the members of your faculty to accomplish any number of marketing goals. By inspiring them to share your content, celebrating their successes and expertise and by turning them into promoters, you can amplify your voice, improve your organic content and see greater success as an institution overall.

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