Healthcare is full of traditional marketing opportunities—but to stand out in a crowd, you may need to begin thinking about unconventional ways to make an impact.

Here are some guerrilla marketing considerations to make for your hospital or clinic brand.

Think Big

Leverage large-crowd gatherings to make a healthcare statement. Use highly visual handouts, such as stickers, to represent real healthcare stats (i.e., "1 in 4 deaths in the U.S. is caused by heart disease"). Increase your reach by live-streaming the action and capturing audience engagement through social media to enhance your online presence with the campaign.

Think Small

Sometimes smart, seemingly small placement can create that big impression for which you are going. Knowing your audience or connecting your service with a behavior is always a win-win. Something as out-of-the-box as branded toilet paper and floor clings in bathrooms can work really well to encourage colonoscopies, for example. Have some fun with your ideas, and don’t always take yourself or your services too seriously!

Think Scale

We all have budget limits that can be hard to generate the interest and exposure we need. Leveraging community partners can help promote your clinic or hospital. Find an initiative that would benefit both you and a potential partner, and partners will be more willing to have representation of your brand at their locations. Then increase your exposure even further with co-sponsored public events and marketing from both organizations.

Think Experiential

Maya Angelou once said, “People will never forget how you made them feel.” Creating an experience where your audience can directly engage in a relatable way will make a memory that will last. Using technology, such as virtual reality (VR), can allow audiences to experience a tour of your facility or a service you offer. Setting up demos of your advanced medical equipment in your local shopping center or other popular gathering spaces can create a new level of interest and provide public relation opportunities.

With all of these, make sure you bring this experience through in your social media channels to give audiences a chance to experience it without being there in person. No matter what you do, keep your mind open to ideas and explore options you’ve never considered before!

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