With more than 1 billion active users, Facebook continues to grow. No matter how many internet researchers predict its downfall, the platform continues to defy expectations. When used properly, Facebook can still make a huge impact on your brand. Not convinced? During the approximately 60 seconds it took for you to read that first paragraph, a lot happened on Facebook.

  • 136,000+ photos were uploaded.
  • 293,000+ statuses were updated.
  • 510,000+ comments were posted.
  • And the like button was clicked 1.8 million+ times.

However, Facebook is not a magical, money-generating machine. There are definitely pros and cons to using Facebook for your business. Let's break down some common Facebook myths so you can decide whether or not it's the right platform for you.

"I should click the 'Boost' button."

Unfortunately, I have heard of a few businesses that have been duped by the "Boost" button underneath a Facebook post. Since it's right there, many people assume that clicking said button is the way to promote their posts. However, the "Boost" button is finicky and has an unfortunate tendency toward charging you money without delivering results.

Let it serve as a reminder to you that you should be boosting your posts in Ad Manager. You should not be conducting any of your Facebook advertising through the "Boost" button—all of your ads should be created, monitored and reported on in the manager.

"I have 1,000 followers, so 1,000 people will see every post."

Expecting to get 100 percent of your followers to see a post is a bit farfetched. So what is the actual percentage of people who will see your brand's post? You might be shocked to know that only about 16 percent of your followers will see your posts if they are not promoted.

"The right-side column of the home feed is wasted ad space."

Actually, the right column can be a great place to serve part of your ad campaign. The right-hand column is less distracting for users. Since ads served in that column do not allow you to comment, like or otherwise engage with the ad, as timeline ads do, they are less distracting.

The other big benefit is that RHC (right-hand-column) ads are extremely cheap to run. I wouldn't set up an entire ad set only utilizing RHC ads, but they work well as accompaniment to other types of ads.

"I have to post every day."

One of the most common questions I hear when it comes to Facebook for businesses is, "How often do I need to post?" It is true that the more you post, the more chances you have for engagement. On the flip side, you don't want to post so often that people hide posts from your page.

There is really no set formula for how often you should post. I personally recommend creating at least 3-5 posts per week for businesses. But the more important question is, "When are my followers online?" Once you determine this fact by using Facebook Insights, you just need to plan your posting around that time and experiment.

"If I share a post about Zuckerburg/copyright law/privacy charges, something will happen."

I wish I could win a million dollars that easily. But no, unfortunately, any post that says you will receive something or "protect your rights" by simply sharing a status is a scam.

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