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New Hire: Andrew Helland

Epicosity Staff

We recently welcomed a new member to the creative team at Epicosity—we're happy to announce the hiring of junior copywriter Andrew Helland, who joins the crew at the Epicenter with a background in media/journalism and creative writing.

Let's get to know Andrew.

Andrew is a Sioux Falls native—and he comes by his career interests honestly. As the child of an ad-man and a librarian, he happens to count advertising and mid-20th Century literature among his faves. Andrew earned his degree from University of South Dakota and spent a great deal of time on the college radio—a smooth transition into his current side gig writing and playing music with his band.

Fun fact: Andrew considers himself a big South Dakota advocate—he was once a part of a tour of the Midwest promoting South Dakota tourism, dressed as a Mount Rushmore mascot! (He was fortunate enough to portray his favorite president, Abraham Lincoln.)

Welcome to the Team, Andrew!