We've recently welcomed a new member of the media department here at the Epicenter—give a warm "hi, how are ya" to our newest media buyer/planner Paul Thompson, who will lend his considerable skills to meet our clients' needs.

Let’s get to know Paul.

SDSU grad Paul got his start in the mass communication/journalism field before racking up a variety of experience in the advertising space, including public relations, sales and, of course, media buying. When he's not placing customers' ads in the right places at the right time in front of the right audiences, he's getting outdoorsy with his wife, Tess, and son, Charlie—camping, hiking and fishing in particular.

Fun Fact: Paul is a lifelong skier—well, since he was three years old—and it's something of a family tradition. His grandfather skied through to the age of 82, in fact!

Welcome to the Team, PAUL!