We all know that making a good first impression is vital, and the same rule of thumb applies to your company's social profiles. Having something that is eye-catching and interesting can make or break whether or not someone will like, follow, comment, share, retweet, favorite, up-vote or pin something from your page.  

Okay, so how do you do it?


Graphic selection

First things first - you need to nail down an appropriate graphic. This can come from your own personal photos, stock images or, if you have the wizarding skills to run any design software efficiently and practically, you can make it from scratch. Humans process images much more quickly than text, so doubling down on an interesting graphic is key.


Text overlay

When you add your text overlay, the classic saying "less is more" absolutely applies. Keep it simple with the title and don't try to be fancy with some extravagant font. (Pro tip: If you plan on boosting a post on Facebook, keep in mind the 20 percent rule - graphics boosted on Facebook with less than 20 percent will perform better than those with more than 20 percent.)



Remember the most likely places where your work will be seen. We all know that mobile is where your largest group of views are going to be coming from, so making sure that your graphics are created to be viewed vertically or as a square will help you keep view counts in the black.



Keeping all these tips in mind, don't forget to be unique! It's ok to be creative and come up with your own graphic identity - actually it's recommended. Creating your own style is a good way to show others your skills and keep them interested and wanting to share with others. If design ability is a hurdle for you or you need to turn around a graphic quicklysimple and easy ones can be created on a site such as Canva.com. It's a free service that allows those who don't have Photoshop or InDesign skills to make graphics in a pinch. It's no replacement for the care a true designer would offer your social branding, but it's an alternative when you're in a time crunch.

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