Healthcare marketing in 2017 took a variety of new directions—but design sensibilities and voice still play a huge role in a successful clinic or hospital campaign. Consumer-facing marketing should consider user-friendliness and quality of messaging across the board.

Here are a few examples of where healthcare marketing design and brand are heading into 2018.

Turn Care into Caring

Creating exceptional content with empathy is key in hospital and clinic marketing, as it can be daunting as a potential patient who is ill and figuring out what his or her options are. When approaching the look and feel of your healthcare marketing, use messaging with compassion, as opposed to dry, straightforward information delivery. This emotional shift in language can help build trust and transparency with your patients for years to come.

For a great all-around example of this compassion in your messaging, check out this piece from Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation.


Smarter Content Wins Patients

When a hospital or clinic personalizes its marketing and digital experiences, it will have higher patient loyalty, higher engagement and more repeat customers. “You”-focused content can be text-, email-, social- or video-based.

This applies to your website as well. For example, has a Health Library in which a patient can access thousands of related articles, videos and tools at his or her own pace. In addition, Cleveland Clinic’s "Finding a Doctor" section starts with a customizable search (i.e., name, specialty or location). This helps users narrow down their options quickly without having to click through 20 pages of information to find a doctor that fits their needs.

Focus on Video

In 2017, video content became even more critically important for healthcare providers. Short-form clips for social media and looping video on a website's landing page can increase conversion rates by 80% or more, according to Vidyard. However, on average, only half will watch more than 60 seconds—the key here is to keep your messages focused and short.

Mayo Clinic has a YouTube channel devoted to short videos, many less than one minute in length, to share health topics, such as relief for achy wrists—here's an example featuring Dr. Sanj Kakar. 

This video's content is down to earth, easily relatable and defines what course of action to take.


Make a Hospital A Home

Can hospitals be designed to help patients heal? Many healthcare leaders and interior design experts think so, and the trend of transforming an institutional space into a sustainable, healthy environment is on the rise.

Open areas with lots of natural light feels more welcoming, individual patient rooms are more  personable and the choice of using less chemicals saves money and naturally detoxifies hospital environments. For more information, Brian Barth goes into detail about how interior design can lead to healthier hospital experiences here.

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