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The Best Higher Ed Marketing Designs of 2018

Kristi Wire


Educate. Guide. Advise. Execute. When there’s a sea of higher education opportunities, simplicity matters. What we value in education matters. And how we comprehend and understand learning materials matters. So let's talk about some top-notch college and university marketing we saw in 2018.

Here’s a short list of some higher ed marketing design highlights that piqued our attentions.

University of Dundee: Brand Toolkit & Guide

University of Dundee is home to one of the best branding websites out there—worth 10 minutes of your time to peruse. How the university educates, guides and advises their brand standards is categorized into four important sections:


In other words, the university created a personal and engaging web experience to help people understand and use their brand consistently and freely.

Gonzaga University: User Experience

Gonzaga really knows how to position its colleges to maximize brand awareness. Rather than listing out each college individually, the university tells its story by using content that fuels what students are passionate about, like fighting for social justice or growing a stronger economy. This approach creates a meaningful connection to a degree that can be relatable.

University of Nebraska—Lincoln: Website

UNL does an excellent job of keeping content relevant and maintaining strong web standards. Its "visit" page changes seasonally and during specific UNL events to keep content and imagery fresh. To keep the website simple and easy to use, the collapsable navigation provides more room to breathe and find the information for which you’re looking.

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