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The Best New Developments in Marketing of 2017

Eric Sivertsen


The landscape of marketing is ever-changing. (We know—it can be exhausting to keep up with the latest and greatest trends.) Looking back on 2017, here are some of the moments that stuck out to us, big and small, among digital marketing and beyond.

Read on for six of these developments that were captured here in the Idea Vault in 2017.

1. Snapcodes Diversified

We all remember QR codes. (Let's be honest—we've probably seen at least one still floating around in the past week.) But in 2017, we were gifted a new way for businesses to send users to their web presences. And it's via an app said users were already using. One awesome development in early 2017 was the onset of Snapcodes for businesses. It's an in-app opportunity to engage with young Snapchat users without forcing them to download a separate application just for reading codes.

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2. Instagram Goes Multi

Quickly becoming one of the most critical social platforms for your business, Instagram upped its game with a new development in early 2017—multi-photo and multi-video posts. This new capability offered up savvy businesses the chance to share landscape photos pieced together, a la Facebook's carousel ads. And those brands who pride themselves on quality video content can now thread together thru-line visual stories in single posts.

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3. Messenger Expands

While the opportunities for brands on Facebook Messenger have long been imminent, the platform made it more fully realized at this year's F8 Developer Conference by introducing some of the planned future capabilities. In-app purchasing, game-play and advertising all present unique opportunities for businesses hoping to capture some mind-share with this heavily (and daily) used application.

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4. Intentional SEO Matters 

The age of depending solely on search volume to make digital marketing decisions has come to a close—on our 2017 trip to the MnSearch Summit, we heard from a speaker who outlined the importance of intent in your digital marketing efforts. From your paid search campaigns to identifying consumer stages among your content views, there's a lot you can glean from your customers' intent.

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5. Live Video Becomes Necessary

What once was a new-fangled element to video-based social platforms has now become a near-integral part of your brand's digital video strategy. Live video is becoming a powerful tool for consumer-facing businesses looking to maximize their engagement. Beyond simply the at-the-moment connection it provides between you and your fans, live video is some of the most-watched content post-broadcast.

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6. Grassroots Circumvents Skepticism

Looking for a way to effectively sell a brand or its products without eliciting an eye roll? Grassroots and guerrilla marketing have become hugely important in 2017. Consumers can see through veiled attempts to covert market. So you need to employ unexpected methods of message delivery and less obvious channels for distribution.

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