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The Guide to Launching a Product in the Agriculture Industry

Eric Sivertsen


When it comes to launching a new product in the agriculture industry, there are some must-dos that will enhance the impact you create in your market. Whether it's heavy machinery, irrigation systems or the latest mobile app for monitoring crops, a product launch in a business-to-business setting can differ a bit from your standard direct-to-consumer roll-out.

So what are some of the key, critical elements of a successful agriculture product launch?

Pepper the Wires

You know them as the online news sources you frequent on a regular basis. They also can be valuable tools for getting the message out about a product release. While the free resources might limit you to industry-significant launches, there are also paid media options that can get the word out very quickly. Services like AgNewsWire can distribute your PR for fees dependent on the content of the releases. Many agriculture marketing agencies will work with wire services such as this to broaden your consumer impact.

Tease Adequately

The hype machine is real. When you have a new piece of equipment or monitor or app, you want to build a little intrigue. The trick is finding the right amount that will excite your customer base without exhausting them. Plan on teasing a new agriculture product release about a week prior to the launch, followed by less all-encompassing mini-teasers on your social platforms throughout the week, perhaps giving tidbits of details away about the product. When the launch arrives, make sure you have product pages, social posts, email communications and e-commerce platforms all ready to go for a seamless reveal.

Show and Tell

Saying your product is amazing is one thing. But actually showing it off is a whole other ballgame. While you don't want to give away the proverbial farm right off the bat (maybe start with text-based teasers and save the full visuals for launch), ensure you have high-quality imagery and video footage on hand for the launch to show off what your new product can do. Animoto found in a 2015 study that four times as many customers would prefer watching a product video to reading about the product. Keep this tendency in consideration when launching. 

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