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The Guide to Making Your Bank's Newsletter Content Compelling

Justin Smorawske


As a bank or credit union marketer, one of your primary goals in your communication strategy is getting that open rate and—even more importantly—that click-through rate to the higher echelons of percentages. But to impel truly useful clicks from viable upsell leads, your content needs to resonate.

Here are some tips for making your financial institution's email newsletter truly click-worthy.

Stop Selling

There are marketing emails, and there are newsletters. Make sure not to confuse the two. If your regular newsletter content is jam-packed with promotions, campaigns and product sales pitches, you're doing something wrong. Your newsletter to your valued customers should offer insight and useful reading material that doesn't come with strings attached. Sure, it can elude to your current promotions—just don't spoil it with an overt sales pitch.

Create Expectations

Depending on what portion of your brand has to do with your team, putting bank and credit union leadership's expertise to work for your newsletter can be powerful. Grab some bylines from names in your institution that resonate, and inject that trustworthiness into your content—but the key is establishing regularity. Include monthly or quarterly columns or vlogs from your best and brightest so customers and members can "tune in" for their favorite advice-givers.

Inject Video

The idea of regular, frequent video content creation can incite fear into the hearts of bank marketers. But it's a necessary battle to fight. Video proves to be the one constant when it comes to results-driven content—because consumers crave it far above and beyond other forms of content. The key is to portion out your video efforts to maximize your time efficiency. Get those subject-matter experts we just talked about on camera and regularly vlogging. When outfitted with a decent high-res camera or smartphone, you can dole out production responsibility to more than your internal marketing team and agency to exponentially increase your output. Just remember that professionally created video content is irreplaceable—so budget for it, and work with a team who does it well.


If you want to invest in a communication strategy with highly qualified upsell calculations, you need to be able to segment your audiences. Your monthly newsletter content doesn't need to be a blanket set of messages to your entire email database. It should cater to users based on their product mix, their demographics, their likelihood to adopt other key products and their self-ascribed interests based on their reading and buying habits. Segment your audiences so that you're most likely to deliver the most relevant content to the most people. Your brand will be positively boosted, and you'll find yourself less likely to be immediately sent to the trash bin.

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