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Tips for Optimizing Your Hospital's Intranet

Posted by Eric Sivertsen on Dec 1, 2017 9:02:36 AM


Intranets can be a crucial part of daily life in a large company or organization. It can be particularly useful for a hospital or clinic that spreads its staff across a variety of departments, buildings and sometimes cities. But how can you best use your healthcare organization's intranet to its fullest extent?

Here are a few starter tips for getting the most out of your hospital's intranet.

Share News

Depending on the size of your hospital system, big (or even medium) announcements may or may not be effectively distributed amongst your staff. Some of these key news items that are relevant to your team members may get lost, especially smaller wins that have ripple effects across departments. Use your intranet to its full potential—establish it as the hub for important announcements so employees never feel out of the loop.

'Homepage' the Team

Launching an intranet for the first time can be tricky—getting buy-in from employees at all levels of the organization can sometimes be an uphill battle. Make the launch of your hospital or clinic's intranet an event. Even consider working with your IT team to turn the URL of your intranet into everyone's default homepage. It will automatically put your new communication system in front of the maximum number of people, and it will make checking the intranet on a regular basis a habit for your team.

Celebrate Wins

Accessible documentation and HR policies are incredibly important to your intranet roster. But don't forget that it doesn't simply need to be a dry delivery system for your hospital's key information. Working in a clinic or hospital can often be stressful—you should create a space for celebrating wins. Assign some real estate on your intranet's homepage for employees at all levels to call attention to excellent work across the organization. Consider formalizing these celebrations through an "Employee of the Month"-style program. Reward your most impressive team members, and call attention to their aptitude in a centralized location, like your intranet.

Utilize Org Charts

The larger your hospital system grows, the harder it will be for everyone to know their coworkers and their roles. Ensure that your intranet features accessible organizational charts that outline direct reports and supervisory responsibilities. It will reduce the number of misdirected email and phone communication and help your new employees better understand how the system is organized, top to bottom.

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