In the outdoor industry, making your company website a destination for fans and enthusiasts is key to your overall success. But that involves dedication and a lot of writing. 

So what's the best way to execute on an outdoor digital content strategy - in-house or by outsourcing? Let's break down the key factors.

Time Commitment

How much time are you willing to put into your blog? If the answer is "not much," then building your content library in-house is probably not going to work all that well. In order to produce blog content that is engaging and useful to your key audiences in the outdoor industry, you need writers dedicated to putting some legwork and research into each article. 

Verdict: If the time commitment intimidates you, leave it to the pros - outsource.

Potential Cost

What about your financial dedication? Are you committed to putting some money into your digital presence to drive lead generation and potential sales? Great content might cost a little more money than producing pieces in-house courtesy of your own team that's already on the payroll. It just might suck up some valuable employee time that would be best used elsewhere.

Verdict: If you're adamant about keeping your budget absolutely minimal, you might be stuck writing content in-house.

Content Quality

Depending on the size of your company's marketing team, you may or may not have a professional writer on staff. So when it comes to producing web content, your in-house resources might be lacking. Sure, it's easy enough to string a few words together, but a professional writer brings an added expertise in building a narrative, storytelling, the rules of style and grammar and optimizing your content for your desired audience. 

Verdict: If you're after high-quality content, it's best to let the experts make it happen - outsource.

Topic Authenticity

Your savviest of customers are going to be able to tell when a subject-matter expert is writing your content. Someone who's attuned to the outdoor industry is necessary to give an air of authenticity to your writing.

Verdict: Unless you have access to a third-party agency with expertise in the outdoor industry, the most authentic commentary on your field will come from in-house.

Now what?

It turns out there's one ideal solution to this draw. Find an agency that specializes in producing digital content and specializes in the outdoor industry. Enter Epicosity. Let's talk.

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