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Top Healthcare Marketing Trends for Regional Clinics

Katie Levitt


Regional healthcare clinics might not have large marketing teams or six-figure ad budgets, but they do have one thing the big players can't touch—speed! Fewer bureaucratic layers can free you up to create faster, more authentic connections with patients.

Stay one step ahead of the competition with these top healthcare marketing trends for regional clinics.

"Snackable" videoS

You know what patients want? Information from your doctors. You know how they prefer to get it? Video. So grab your smartphone, and start talking to doctors, physician's assistants, nurses, physical therapists and more—anyone in your regional clinic with a story to tell. Then send it out to the world via social media and your website. The benefits add up fast—especially when you add a full-blown video strategy to the mix.

Sponsored Content 

Sponsored content is a long-form article, blog post, video or editorial created for a publisher's magazine or website. It's an ideal way for regional healthcare clinics to connect with the community, share general medical tips and increase brand awareness. Consider local community magazines and news sites that could use health-related content from your team. You'll uncover many opportunities that could include paid media placement or (better yet) free inclusion of your content as a service to their readers.

Online Reviews

This one is tricky, but, done right, it's a real winner. Positive feedback and word of mouth from happy patients have always been some of the best ways to boost new patient visits. After all, who doesn't ask for a recommendation when it comes to their care providers? The power of online reviews has never been higher. Consider adding a strategy to inform your happy patients about how (and where) to review your clinic online. You can use old-school strategies like flyers and handouts or consider reputation-management software to help.

cost-effective social media

More than 80% of Americans are on social media, which means if you're not already using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, you're missing a prime opportunity to connect with patients. For regional healthcare clinics, social media is an especially good fit, as you can really focus on your communities, highlight specialities and even target boosted posts or ads to specific patient demographics. Whether you hire social content creators or handle it in-house, it's a good idea to designate one person in your office as the "owner" of social media. That will help streamline all efforts and keep them on track and coordinated.   

internal branding

What's that, you say? Internal branding isn't marketing? Of course it is! Your brand experience is the culmination of every touchpoint patients have with your clinic, from their first web searches and phone calls to their after-care experiences. It's important to ensure everyone on staff is on the same page with regard to your clinic mission, all day everyday. Internal branding can be big (all-staff meetings, launch events, revised value statements) or small (ongoing training, employee reward/recognition programs, break-room posters, counter cards)—but it should always be a continuous process. Internal branding is quite possibly one of the most important ways you can improve and ensure the highest quality of patient experience at your clinic.

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