We've heard it all before—"mobile is the most important channel in banking." But simply having a mobile experience doesn't inherently mean it's a good mobile experience. Consumers are expecting more from their app and mobile browsing, and banks and credit unions should look at their phase-two strategies for delivering this sooner than later.

Here are just a few to bear in mind.

Advisory Content

As foot traffic in branches wanes, the need for advisory information on mobile platforms is all the more important. Does your mobile app offer opportunities to view quick-hit video content that guides a consumer down the right path for a mortgage or auto loan? Does your blog take the form of a digital digest for mobile users to grab succinct but useful content on the fly? Start to infuse your sales-heavy mobile features with more educational, collapsible dialogue to start seeing a more well-informed and trusting consumer.

Sticky Chat

The mobile consumer is the type that wants a certain degree of instant gratification as well as the ability to continuously multi-task. This goes for your mobile app and your mobile site—there must be a way to connect with customer service on a semi-instant level. And voice calling shouldn't be the primary option. If you have a chat function or a 24/7 chatbot capability available, make sure it's sticky—no matter where in your app or on your site your banking customer navigates, that chat bubble is readily available for a quick question or lengthier sales discussion.

Definitive Account-Opening

As you've honed in on the key features of your mobile experience, you've likely begun to roll out account-opening features, whether it's on-demand checking-account-opening or digital loan applications. But have you begun to implement the same functions for your second-tier products? With saving being top of mind, consumers want the ability to open and manage savings accounts more effectively on the go. Start identifying ways in which savings accounts can't be revolutionized on your mobile app, including the ability to cordon off "funds" for specific purposes (i.e., "travel savings," "college savings," "emergency savings," etc.) that can be consumer-identified and consumer-labeled.

Automatic Capture

So let's talk about your mobile remote deposit capture feature. Odds are, in 2020, your bank or credit union has adapted either an internally developed or third-party functionality that delivers mobile check deposit to your customers or members. But does it automate the process as much as possible? You may be surprised to find out that a feature enhancement as simple as auto-capturing (versus centering and manually snapping a picture of a check) can make a big difference in creating a positive user experience. And with 52 percent of consumers citing mobile deposit as the most important feature of mobile banking, according to a study from Cornerstone Advisors, your UX for deposit capture is critical.

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