Broadcast reach has splintered in recent years—with more and more consumers cutting the cord and opting for a streaming service versus a traditional cable package, new ways to advertise your brand have emerged. "Over-the-top" (OTT) services such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime have cemented themselves as top-tier platforms with the viewing public. And while not all offer a place for advertisers, there are some powerful opportunities.

Here are just a few of the places where OTT advertising could benefit your brand.


Growing rapidly in popularity in recent years due to aggressive content acquisition in the form of series like The Handmaid's Tale and Castle Rock, as well as a live-TV component, Hulu has hung its hat on users in search of zeitgeisty and high-concept dramas. And with its free, ad-supported version, it has ample opportunities for highly targeted marketing. Full-screen video content of varying lengths is the primary ad product that Hulu offers brands, but there are also interstitials, sponsorships and something the company calls "T-Commerce," a transaction-driven advertisement currently built for selling event tickets right from a user's device of choice that's being developed for other types of product categories.

Subscribers: 25 Million+


Boasting popular original programming such as Homecoming and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and an in-house movie studio including films such as Manchester by the Sea and The Big Sick, Amazon caters to a more grown-up audience through most of its content. The advertising space throughout the Amazon video environment includes full-screen pre-roll on a variety of devices. The platform also offers advertising opportunities via a subscription-free streaming-video entity, IMDb Freedive, which is made available both on the popular entertainment site and on Amazon Fire TV devices (i.e., tablets, Fire Sticks, etc.).

Subscribers: 100 Million+


So let's say your brand appeals to a highly specific audience, such as young males. Seeking out more curated services might be a strong prospect for your OTT efforts. fuboTV is a live streaming service that focuses on presenting sports content, including NFL and MLB events and sports-related series, films and news coverage. This niche audience could be worth investigating if you're marketing a brand or product with this sort of appeal. fuboTV offers advertisers programmatic advertising through a third-party partner, which includes placements on live-TV, on-demand and device-specific capacities.

Subscribers: 250,000+


Sometimes the device by which users access streaming content, as opposed to simply an app (i.e., streaming Hulu from an Apple TV device), can play a role in OTT placement. Roku started as a device by which content was streamed but it has evolved into a content provider through its Roku Channel. And thanks to a partnership with Adobe, Roku has begun to offer access to programmatic advertising to users of Marketing Cloud, Analytics and other Adobe products. This allows brands to advertise across multiple platforms—both the Roku selection of apps and the set-top devices themselves.

Subscribers: 27 Million+

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