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Why Company Culture Matters in B2B Sales

Eric Sivertsen


If you're in the B2B sales world, you depend a lot on your staff to close sales and make you money. But how much do they believe in your company's mission? How effective are they at spreading that messaging to your client leads? And do they love where they work?

Here's how company culture can have a dramatic impact on your B2B sales efforts.

It Creates Employee Advocates

When your business's bread and butter is convincing other businesses to do business with you (yep, that's a lot of business), you need a frontline team of people who not only tenaciously pursue sales goals, but also totally buy into your company's mission. Creating employee advocates out of your client-facing staff is crucial to the success of your bottom line. Promote a culture within your organization that is positive, growth-driven, leaves room for career paths and rewards and incentivizes goals met. (This enthusiasm will make believers out of your target client leads, as well.)

It Promotes Creativity

When vetting third-party vendors, businesses are looking for companies that will be efficient with their funds, will be good communicators and will innovate more than the competition. A positive company culture can work wonders for all of these—particularly with boosting creativity. Not only will putting trust and value into your employee relationships make your team more likely to give 100 percent to creative efforts, but it will also yield the most impressive options for business clients. (Plus, having creative and innovative work to show as case studies certainly does hurt in the sales process.)

It Bolsters Happiness

A B2B sales pitch is nothing without an amiable, approachable and outgoing salesperson at the helm. So how do you keep your sales team happy and functioning at their best? You promote your company culture behind the scenes. But what exactly does employee happiness do for a B2B organization? Happy employees tend to out-perform competition by as much as 20 percent, according to a Harvard Business Review study—they also tend to exceed industry-standard benchmarks by as much as 2.1 percent, on average.

It Improves Sales

While all of the above makes the case for an improved sales pitch in a B2B environment, the bottom line is this—positive company culture has a direct impact on sales, period. A study from the Harvard Business Review found that companies with a great deal of positive cultural engagement within the organization increasing operating income by as much as 19 percent and earnings by more than 28 percent. In this sense, your company simply can't afford to evade a positive cultural shift—the time is now to invest in your culture.

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