Smart speakers are seemingly everywhere nowadays. In less than five years, Amazon, Apple and Google have sold more than 100 million smart speakers in the United States. Not only are they appealing (Who doesn’t like Jetsons-esque technology?), but they’re also practical to both consumers and marketers in the higher education space. So are smart speakers the next frontier in digital marketing?

When It comes to higher education marketing, college and university brands should take advantage of smart audio devices. Here’s why.

Intimate Advertising

Choosing the right college is an important step in a potential student’s career path. With smart speakers, you’re able to market directly to parents or prospective students in the comfort of their homes, when people typically listen most actively. Outside of the home, a lot of marketing messages get overlooked because of the sheer amount of noise. Take advantage of this new form of intimate advertising.

Accurate Advertising

With smart speakers, marketers are able to target specific demographics based on their search behaviors and other saved data. This can open a bunch of different advertising opportunities and strategies. You could potentially market to a whole family sitting in a living room together, targeting specifically to parents or just to students—the possibilities are worth the effort.

Confident Advertising

In 2018, there was an average of a billion voice searches every month. With more and more people owning and using smart speakers, your potential audience is only getting bigger and bigger. Plus, because mobile voice search is three times more likely to be used for local questions, you’ll be able to target your key markets very specifically.

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