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Why Snapcodes for Business are a Promotional Game-Changer

Skyler Crabill


QR codes have had a rough life. The idea is great, but they just never really seemed to fully catch on. But with Snapchat fully embracing the QR code concept, they're making it the primary way to add new users.

Snapcodes work well because they are used directly in the app, just like taking any other picture. (Puppy face not necessary.)

So recently when Snapchat introduced Snapcodes for businesses, it was a big deal for companies. Finally, a way for a business to create a Snapcode that can send people to their websites.

Now people can create a custom Snapcode for a website that will open within Snapchat when they scan it with the app’s camera. This is going to create a new and exciting way for businesses and other sites to promote themselves with a QR code that will actually get scanned!

How it Works

Creating a Snapcode is simple to do:

  1. Open Snapchat, and go into Settings
  2. Select Snapcodes
  3. Create a new Snapcode
  4. Enter your URL
  5. Add a picture to place inside the ghost
  6. Export the photo, and get ready to send people to your website

You can also create Snapcodes online here.

Now that Snapchat offers one more way to promote content outside of the app itself, this could boost the app’s utility amongst businesses. Snapcodes for websites can help provide flexibility for promoting a site or products without taking away from the URL-free experience.

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