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Why Your Bank or Credit Union Could Benefit from Quality Video Content

Justin Smorawske

You've probably heard all the hype in recent years surrounding the benefits of video marketing, and you might find yourself thinking: "How does all of that apply to where I work?" It's true that the benefits of video in today's digital world cannot be overstated but, more than that, it's important to invest in quality video content that engages viewers and pushes them to act on their interests in your financial brand. Luckily, the video wizards here at Epicosity know a thing or two about moving pictures, so we can tell you the ins and outs of applying video to your bank or credit union's brand.

Read on to get the scoop on the impacts quality video content can have on your financial institution.

Expert-Generated Content

As a bank or credit union marketer, you likely find that you and your coworkers answer the same set of questions for your banking customers over and over again. We live in a world where anyone can put anything on the internet, and, when it comes to matters of finance, people want to be confident that the information they are getting is coming directly from a source that they trust, rather than a stranger mindlessly pumping false information out into the world wide web. So how does this apply to video? Simple. Collect the questions you find your customers and members asking the most often, and create a video wherein your institution's experts answer each common customer or member question. You can then use these videos as resources to bring people to your site, build up expertise in the eyes of future potential banking customers and boost your brand's search-engine optimization by regularly posting videos as new content. You'd be amazed how effectively this expert-generated content wins the business of new and existing customers or members.

"Snackable" Content

The concept of "snackable" content, or content that is brief, to the point and easily digestible, has exploded in recent years, and banks and credit unions are taking notice. As we all know, consumer loyalty is vital to the success of any financial institution. Having legacy customers or members that continue to provide you with their business year in and year out not only strengthens your bottom line, but strengthens your share of wallet in the marketplace—as any new customers or members you accumulate can be counted as growth, rather than a substitute for lost business. So, how do you get lifelong brand advocates? You start young and continue to nurture the relationship as time goes on. It's important to note, however, that appealing to a younger audience as a financial institution can be tough—as financial literacy tends to come with age. Younger consumers have been bombarded with digital content their entire lives. With so many different messages whizzing past them each day, it's important to provide them with brief, eye-catching, snackable video content that conveys your messaging and provides them with some level of value before they have the opportunity to scroll on by.

Mobile Content

According to HubSpot, mobile video usage has increased by nearly 10 million daily viewing minutes in the last two years, and that trend isn't expected to die down anytime soon. If you want your brand to connect with mobile users—which you should, considering the fact that 83 percent of those surveyed by Business Insider Intelligence used mobile banking—then it's important for your brand to connect with those users on the same devices they use to access your offerings. Whether it's a paid video campaign or organic video content posted to your bank or credit union's social media pages, high-quality video content can help you stand out from the crowd on these devices and give you the edge when it counts.

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